Kindly note that as per RBI regulations only INR 2,000/- and INR 500/- notes with NOTHING WRITTEN ON THEM can be accepted as a means of payment. If you are in possession of the former, please approach the RBI accordingly.

As part of our Social Outreach programme, Zamorin of Bombay is committed to the enhancement of India's future. We are partnered with the NGO - Vidya [Bhavishya - Yaan] and teach English - Written, Spoken and Read, to the underprivileged students of the varied State Run Schools for Slum Dwellers and similar across the City.

If you too would like to be a part of this success story either as a :

  • Long Term Volunteer [once a day or multiple days for a month and beyond] Gratis
  • Short Term Volunteer [once a day or multiple days for upto a month] Gratis
  • Day Visit - Teach Spoken English with the teacher being present to help Duration 1-3 hrs Gratis
  • Organize an Awareness or Craft Camp for the students to learn
  • Donations in Kind only, for the students
  • Volunteer for an hour as a part of your Half Day / Full Day Tour [Gratis Hour] 

Please feel free to contact me directly on +91-9969 312 066 / or for queries other than including it as a part of tours with Zamorin of Bombay - Ms. Manisha Ahuja Shroff on +91 - 9820 648 498 /

Our Cultural Souvenirs and inclusions in the varied tours organized are devised with the aim of giving the clients the authentic feel of the city but most importantly stimulate the local economy either through direct employment or via services being rendered.

This enables us to ensure that the real people behind making Mumbai great are the direct beneficiaries of our visits and thus ensure that our tourists get the most and at times become family members rather than an obstruction.

Our Social Give Backs

If you would like to contact me directly for queries and related information, 

Feel free to Contact me directly on the following:

Mobile: +91 - 9969 312 066 [India - IST]


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Dear Traveller,

I personally thank you for choosing Zamorin of Bombay to be a part of your experience through Mumbai - The City of Dreams.

I will try my best to accommodate your request or keep you advised of alternatives similar to your interests.

                                                                -- The Zamorin of Bombay