Every Tour offered by Zamorin of Bombay are All Inclusive

Subject to the type of tour being experienced ll tours will Include the following:

  • Street Art - Name on Rice or Similar
  • Feed a Cow Experience
  • Water Bottle per person
  • Private Tour of the Public Laundry
  • Tea / Refreshments and Meals as specified only
  • Offerings at the Temple / Mosque
  • Get yourself weighed at the Victoria Terminus
  • Local Transportation - Bus, Tuk Tuk, Local Train, Metro and Taxi as specified
  • Cultural Souvenir from Mumbai
  • Harbour Cruise - During Experiences only

All our Experiences are Standard and will be Customized and I encourage you to contact me to finalize the programme details.

Also, the following experiences available and running:

  • Dabbawalla / Lunch Box Service
  • Dhobi Ghat / Public Laundry Service
  • Dhobi and Lunch Box Experience Combo
  • Dadar Flower and Vegetable Market
  • ​British Bombay Experience
  • Dharavi Slums
  • ​Byculla Experience - Chinatown
  • Teaching at a Local School Experience
  • Religious Experience of Mumbai
  • ​Jewish Experiences

​Enquiries and Bookings are open!

Kindly note that as per RBI regulations only INR 2,000/- and INR 500/- notes with NOTHING WRITTEN ON THEM can be accepted as a means of payment. If you are in possession of the former, please approach the RBI accordingly.

You may contact me directly : zamorin.bombay@gmail.com or +91 - 9969312066

Cultural Experiences are unique ways in which a tourist can get a deeper glimpse into the lives of the local Mumbaikar and get a more wholesome understanding through stories, conversations, philosophies and anecdotes. Encouraging all with an open mind and who flirt with curiosity, to come and explore the world beyond the touristy stuff and leave with more than just memory and possibly new friends worth keeping!

Each experience is specially crafted to help the tourist truly experience the lifestyles and culture of the chosen communities. It enables the tourist to understand and appreciate while being immersed in a whole new world that would redefine the way we look at our lives and the world we live in.