Presented a Talk on
Spirituality - A Pragmatic Christian perspective
at the Baha'i Center to an inter faith gathering to celebrate
200 years of the birth of the Founder Prophet - Bahá'u'lláh on 15th July, 2017

The Presentation

was based on understanding whether Spirituality was still relevant in today's world or could it be categorized as a yesterday's myth. It focused on the rationale and simplicity of finding the essence of spirituality through the teachings of the Bible and ensured that the audience understood the message through the myriad of ways in which they both related and practised the same in their daily lives. 

The take was given as a part of a reach out to the varied religious thinkers and scholars as well as philosophers to showcase the links between them through the shared message of Spirituality and thus bring the people closer through an achievable reality tweaked to better suit modern reality and thus better understand the universal teachings of what the Baha'i Faith stands for. The same was organized by the Baha'i Community in Mumbai.

Here are some glimpses of the event and Presentation.

A special thanks to Mrs. Nargis Gaur who helped make this a reality.