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Unique Authentic Experiences offered

Unique Authentic Experiences offered

Unique glimpses of the Bombay Spirit 

The entire experience has given me a new and broader outlook to view Mumbai. Besides what captivated me was the kind of attachment Viren keeps with his flock throughout the tour. This isn't just some person blurting out lines which he has learnt by-heart, but rather by someone who has done a thorough study of the Why and the How of Mumbai's history and is interested in knowing the wellness of his client as well.

                         -- Shantanu Pai, Owner, Hotel Sahyadri, Kolhapur, Mah., India

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Unique Authentic Experiences offered

I could never have imagined that a 3 hour walk down the city streets could actually take ma back in time. It was a time travel experience and Viren was an amazing host and story teller with abundence of knowledge in Art, Culture, Heritage and Architecture. His passion for History, Sociology and local Culture kept me amused during the tour. I will never be able to see Bombay like before as now every Church, Temple, Building and road has a new identity attached to it! I had to nickname him "Google" for he knew so much and don't be surprised as you will be in for a treat with many a "Voila" moments during the experience. A definite must do if you really want to know the city!

                                                        -- Ananya Bhattacharjee, Shillong, India 

I really enjoyed listening and discover the Fort and the Indian culture aspects. I also appreciate that Viren addressed my questions with the same passion as his regular statements. I wish him all the best.

                                                       -- Florian Peters, Research Analyst, Germany

We’ve enjoyed immensely the three hours we’ve spent with Viren.  His historical knowledge, and prospective linking India to the rest of the world history was beyond our expectation. 

                                                 -- Ike and Helen Zach, Texas, United States

I regret that I didn’t do the tour at the beginning of my trip when jet lag hadn’t hurt me so much. I initially suspected it was a little different with me given I was by myself, but I was happy that he gave just as much energy and enthusiasm to me as a solo tourist.  I liked meeting him at the café at the beginning so he could introduce me to some local food.  I liked how much explanation he could give to everything.  I wish I had been more awake to ask more questions!  Viren. you really are a natural for this career.  

                                            -- Shannon Levitt, Denver, Colorado, United States

Viren is perhaps is one of the best people suitable for the hospitality business from whom I have ever met. He was super knowledgeable, entertaining and friendly. Though not a Concierge, his valued information and attention to detail apart from personalized service could give many a run for their money.                              

               -- Sviatlana Tsiaseika-Economou, Event Planner, New York City, USA

I highly recommend the authentic experience of the tours, it will leave you with a different view on history, culture and being. Needless to say Viren is a linguist, understanding differences between cultures and extremely respectful. I would do it again if I have the chance, knowing him was one of the best experiences in whole india! I wish there was a “Viren” in every city I visit. 

                                           -- Alberto Colonna,Marketing Executive, Latisana, Italy

Trust me you will love an experience with Viren...he is so full of life and love for his city.
​-- Caroline, New York, USA

We went to see the Dabbawallas known for serving the lunch boxes to men in their offices. I waited for years till I finally went with Viren last March. You cant help but laugh when you are with him as he just knows so so much about everything you can see... every building, street, monument...he is non stop.

                                                                   -- Caroline Lieberman, New York, USA

Viren is an enthusastic and knowledgeable guide, not one to forget very easily. I twice followed him on one of his tours through the famous Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, never became history so much alive! I wouldn't miss one of his new tours when next in Mumbai!

                                              -- Anne-Trine Benjaminsen, Stavanger, Norway

Viren’s knowledge about India is truly remarkable. He is extremely detailed and enthusiastic and his tours are a must - you will not be disappointed!

                                                                              -- Matthew Olmsted, Hong Kong

In all of our many travels never have I come across as interesting and fun speaker as Viren - The Zamorin. He explained India to us in such a way that we wanted him to go on speaking. We actually took him to dinner so we could hear more from him".                                                                                 

                                                                                      -- Liz, Florida, United States

"As a first-time visitor to Mumbai, it can be very daunting. But with Viren guiding us, we quickly fell in love with the city. What Viren doesn't know about Bombay, is not worth knowing. Having the Zamorin of Bombay Tour is a must-have for visitors to this incredible city".
                                                            -- Ron Spencer, Melbourne Australia

"Quickly becoming a Mumbai must-do, this informative and enjoyable tour is highly recommended especially for the enthusuaism and charm of the handsome guide Viren who is a font of knowledge".

                        -- Dr Anil Sinanan, Solicitor and Film Critic, Time Out London, UK

I being resident of Mumbai since 23 years had not been well known with the city..It was a tour that has helped me to know my birthplace and the way it came into existence…..Waiting for many more parts of the city to experience and understand the emotions of each things that make up Bombay.

                                                                           -- Karan Dani, Student, Mumbai

An Excellent and most professional tour headed by a person of great knowledge and dedication to his job. 
                               -- Peter Finlason, Director, Umah Vatu Villas, Bali, Indonesia

"We had a lovely time at the tour and even better was the chat we had with Viren. For me personally, it is a pleasure to meet a fellow linguist and in general, a person who, just as myself, is interested in the same topics of discussion!"
                                                                           -- Misha Istratov, Sweden

"South Mumbai,the tour made me more educated, learned and yet humbled and knowledgable bout my great city.yes an added knowledge did rouse my interest levels and coupled with the facts and knowledge you shared took it to a different level altogether. Never seen Bombay through the eyes of the zamorin and it was one of the best tours that I've been too. My highlight will be the visit to the cathedral of St Thomas and the walk to Ballard Pier".

                                             -- Harlan Henriques, Duty Manager, The Leela, Mumbai

"Viren D'Sa is a fabulous narrator and guide. Despite countless visits to Mumbai Viren always manages to help me learn something new about the history and fascinating aspects of this vast city".

                                       -- Uta Gomes, Director - Gingko Solutions Warrington, UK

Viren was very knowledgeable and lively, it was an entertaining way to learn more about Mumbai and Indian culture.  Viren was very interactive, and encouraged our tour group to try new things, speak with some of the locals, ask questions and learn more about the culture. The Highlight of the Experience was being invited into private homes during the Ganesh festival, and being able to see up close and personal the ways in which Mumbaikars celebrate this holiday. Being able to meet locals and having our pictures taken with the children was a delight in itself.

-- Zachary Jara, Vice President, Project Mgr - Banking, Bank of America, USA

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I loved to see Viren's passion and love for his country and city and was equally impressed with his knowledge and desire to share it. He successfully related the emotion and got Bombay into my heart.

                                                            -- Ann-Marie Hosang, Toronto, Canada

Really interesting tour with Viren who has a wealth of interesting facts and folklore to retell. Fun to ride on the train and in the tuk tuk. Viren has an answer for all questions and  provides a varied and interesting programme. A great day out with no hesitations in recommending Viren and his tours.
                                                            ​-- Judy Roth, London, United Kingdom

Viren, I must tell you what a wonderful tour we had with you the other day!  On Sunday one of my husband's colleges from Mumbai took us to the Taj hotel for lunch, and on the way pointed out various sites. I added information that she did not know and was surprised by what I had to add - all due to your tour. Also, on Saturday evening at dinner,no explained cricket to an American who who has had a long term relationship with an Indian. She said it was the first time she understood the game - again, made possible entirely by you. 

                                            -- Minajo Linver, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

You were an inspiration to all of us and you made us fall in love with Bombay... and the way you put things together and blend them with historical background is just amazing. We all and personally I would love to invite you to Kashmir so that we have such a walk here with such an amazing, adventurous and intelligent person.

                                                ​-- Afshan Rashid, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Unique Authentic Experiences offered