What happens here:

Guests have the option to arrive at the venue directly or take the local train ride to Lower Parel Station with the Zamorin of Bombay wherein they will not just experience life in Bombay via this mode of travel but also have the opportunity to buy their local tickets in Hindi!

On Arrival at the Lower Parel Station the clients will be escorted to the One Network Office at Todi Mills. This will include a Walk through the Vegetable and Fish Markets as well as a sneek inside old English Buildings for Low Income Families.

 One Network is a reputed Media Company led by the popular TV Comedian Suresh Menon and aims at creating interesting material for online viewership. This includes and is not limited to Advertisements and Bollywood Spoofs but also indigenous material and even the popular channel on Cultural Habits the World Over – WHYWEDOWHATWEDO hosted by the Zamorin of Bombay himself.

During the meet our clients will get a chance to not just have many a private discussions with students who have recently passed out from Media Colleges and are looking to make the field, their career as Directors, Producers, Editors, etc. but will also get a chance to see an actual shoot using the Green Screen. This will be followed by a tour of the property including a peek into the Editing Room and Make Up Rooms to check out the props!

And just when the client thinks it’s all over we add in a twist with an impromptu script being enacted by the client himself in front of the Green Screen and later, on being edited will be released on You Tube with a link given to the client via email so that the client will have a memory worth cherishing forever.

The client will then be escorted to his hotel or place of mutual consent marking the end of the tour.

To give an authentic behind the scenes Bollywood Experience to the clients so that they understand life on the sets and be able to interact with the young minds that drive the latest trends.

Redefining Bollywood In Bombay Experience

Duration : 3hrs    

Available : NOT ON SUNDAYS


Below are some of the  [and not limited to] Cultural Experiences being offered across the city to foster that Authentic Experience. Recommended for open minded people only who wish to explore the real city.