May 13, 2019

Tour: Bandra Portuguese walking tour plus street art. 


- meet at bandra station at 8am

- get an understanding of Bombay and the erstwhile Portuguese rule.

- head to the Portuguese district

- visit a German church 

- check out a gift given by general franco of Spain to the Spanish Jesuits still serving

- walk through the inner lanes and check out the street art.

- visit the church of st Andrew that was made 38 years before the Taj in agra. 

- visit a small hidden beach and if lucky you will spot pigs running in the sea! 

- end the tour over tender coconut by the home of the Bollywood actor Salman Khan.  


Special Cost for 1 person: INR 1,500/- 


May 14, 2019

Tour: Walk to Mazagaon Docks


- Meet at the ticketing counter of Byculla railway station (east) at 3pm 

- talke a walk through byculla passing through colonial buildings,  Jewish hospitals, catholic churches and Muslim cemeteries. 

- explore a defunct Jewish and a current Islamic cemetery.

- pass through a local slum and head to Chinatown. Visit the local Chinese temple.  

- walk into the sparsely populated eastern part of Bombay used as the docks. 

- visit the docks that host fishing boats and ferries to mainland India. 

- capture the sun setting behind the Bombay skyline 

- take a taxi to Victoria terminus 

- end of tour. 


Special Cost for 1 person: INR 1,500/- 


May 15, 2019

Tour: dhobi ghat + street food + markets


- Meet at mahalaxmi station at 8am

- get a private tour inside the laundry. Entry ticket is included (inr 500 per person).

- learn some basic hindi and take the local train to dadar

- explore the various markets including flower, fruit, religious,  garments and more

- get a chance to try some vegetarian street food 

- end of tour. 


Special Cost for 1 person: INR 2,000/-


May 16, 2019

Tour: Exploring the Bombay Fort mahim durgah using your car


- meet at Flora Fountain at 4pm 

- head to st. Thomas cathedral and explore inside

- head past the town hall and the reserve bank. Understand the role and power of the Indian rupee

- take a local bus through the old English buildings to the Victorian terminus 

-explore inside.

- take your car to mahim and explore the Mahim durgah and the local markets around, specially laid for Ramadan. 

- end of tour. 


Special Cost for 2 person: INR 5,000/- for full day


May 17,  2019

Tour:  lunchbox + banganga temple complex + Markets with temple visit


-meet at churchgate station at 9am 

- take a taxi to the hindu temple complex of baanganga 

-get a chance to feed fish at the sacred fresh water tank and even get blessed. 

- take a taxi to church gate station and understand us witness the tiffin box carriers

- Head for Lunch

- Head to Crawford Market - take a stroll through the markets

- Meander through the garment and gold districts

- Visit the Mumbadevi Temple. Place an offering and get blessed by a Hindu Priest in Sanskrit.

- end of tour. 


Special Cost for 2 people: INR 5,000/- for full day. 

5 Days 24 May, 25 May, 26 May, and more

What is included in the tour

  • My Services
  • Bottle of Water
  • Entrance Tickets to the Public Laundry
  • Offerings at the Mumbadevi Temple
  • Cultural Souvenir
  • Feeding Animals activities
  • Tender Coconut
  • Faloodah for Ramadan
  • Flower garlands
  • Street food - where applicable on tour
  • Local transportation
  • 1 post card per person with stamps affixed
  • Middle class lunch / street food on full days only where applicable

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Personal Donations
  • Personal Shopping
  • Gratuities
  • Lunch

Day: Wednesday: 1-05-2019


  • Meet you at the green gate at the Ballard Pier Cruise Terminal.
  • The chauffeur and guide [holding the paging board] will greet you on arrival.
  • Head to the world's largest outdoor public laundry. You will pass many a historic building along the way.
  • Get a private tour inside the laundry with locals.
  • Head for Asia's second largest slum [after Karachi, Pakistan] and walk the streets exploring the inner localities and the entrepreneurial districts.
  • Lunch - not included
  • Head back into the British Precinct and visit the Gateway to India and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
  • Walk along the street shopping district and open air market of Colaba Causeway 
  • Head back to the docks
  • End of Tour.