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Full Day Destination and Cultural Tours


Route: Charni Road Railway Station to Baanganga via Chowpatty Beach


  • Meet at Churchgate Station & Train Ride             > Residence of The Governor of Maharashtra
  • Visit Aquarium                                                       > Banganga Tank
  • Marine Drive                                                         > Feeding the Geese and Fishes
  • Walk along Chowpatty Beach                               > Exploring the Slums
  • Jain and Hindu Temples                                       > A walk on the Rocky Seaface

All tours are personal in nature and can be reasonably customized to your liking at no additional cost

** Conditions apply

Subject to the type of tour being experienced,

 all tours will Include the following :

  • Street Art - Name on Rice or Similar
  • Feed a Cow Experience
  • Water Bottle per person
  • Private tour of the Public Laundry
  • Tea / Refreshments and meals as specified only
  • Offerings at the Temple / Mosque
  • Get yourself weighed at the Victoria Terminus
  • Local Transportation - Bus, Tuk Tuk, Local Train, Metro and taxi as specified
  • Cultural Souvenir from Mumbai
  • Harbour Cruise at the Gateway - During Experiences only

Route: Gloria Church, Byculla to Mazagaon Docks via Chinatown


  • Meet at Victoria Terminus [VT] Station & Train Ride             > Visit China Town - Temple visit
  • Visit Byculla Station                                                               > Walk to Mazagaon Docks
  • Visit Gloria Church                                                                > Selfie at the Docks
  • Walk along the inner lanes to Dockyard Road Station          >  Ride a Public BEST BUS to the                                                                                                      Train Station
  • Visit St. Mary's School - Alma Mater of Freddy Mercury      > Take Local Train To VT                               

Route: Gateway to India to Church Gate Station via the Arts District and Navy Memorial


  • Gateway to India                                             > Street Art District
  • Taj Mahal Palace                                            > Watson's Hotel
  • Colaba Causeway                                           > Bombay University
  • Navy Mutiny Memorial                                    > Bombay High Court
  • Wodehouse Cathedral                                    > Central Telegraph Office
  • Regal Cinema                                                 > Bhika Behram [Parsi] Well
  • Prince of Wales Museum

Route: Flora Fountain to Victoria Terminus via Ballard Pier


  • Central Telegraph Office                                      > Reserve Bank of India
  • Flora Fountain & Martyrs Square                         > Ballard Pier
  • Saint Thomas Cathedral                                       > Alexandra Docks & Grand Hotel
  • Bombay Samachar Newspaper [Estd. 1822]        > St. George's Hospital    
  • Asiatic Library                                                       > G. P. O. and Victoria Terminus

Walk to Mazagaon Docks

Bombay's Varanasi Walks

Classical British Bombay Tour

Route: Bandra West Station to Bandstand via East Indian Villages off Hill Road


  • Bandra Station Heritage Structure                  > East Indian Christian District
  • Walk through the Busy Streets of Hill Road    > Street Arts District
  • TATA Parsi Fire Temple                                           > Church of Santo Andre - 1545 A.D.
  • St. Peters German Church                             > Galaxy [Actor Salman Khan's Residence]
  • Christian Bakery & Bandra Buzz Office          > Bandstand - Discussions by the Rocky
  • Town Vegetable, Fish & Meat Market               Shoreline

Every Tour offered by Zamorin of Bombay is All Inclusive!!

Kindly note that as per RBI regulations only INR 2,000/- and INR 500/- notes with NOTHING WRITTEN ON THEM can be accepted as a means of payment. If you are in possession of the former, please approach the RBI accordingly.

All our Walking Tours are Standard and will be Customized and I encourage you to contact me to finalize the programme details.

​Enquiries and Bookings are open!

You may contact me directly : or +91 - 9969312066

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​​The Walking Tours are specially crafted to give the tourist and the Local a wholesome understanding of our City, one locality at a time. Delivered in an infotainment style by an passionate story teller who through anecdotes and stories, enables the tourist to not only appreciate India's Financial Hub but also enables him or her to see the city from a local perspective. In this way, through Value and local experiences the aim of bringing societies together through Cultural Understanding, can be achieved.

Though these tours, we gurantee that the way you look at Mumbai, will be redefined and you will leave with more than just a memory. I want my clients to come in as guests but leave as family! My motto in life is : Provocans ad Volandum  meaning Provocation to Fly - Provoking others to fly to new horizons so that they realize that life is not always the way they think.

Come with an open mind and be prepared to see the perceived regular in a whole new light!

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