These are for Customized Retail Products for Private Sale only.



  • 2 X Ganesha Necklaces in white Metal @ INR 250/-
  • 5 X Elephant Anklets  @ INR 200/- 


2 Hours Available on request

What is included in the tour


  • 2 X Elephant Necklace
  • 5 X Elephant Anklets
  • Postage Charges

What is NOT included in the tour



This Section is reserved for all tourists and locals who are interested in knowing more about Indian / Bombay History, general philosophy, religion, cultural behaviour, the LGBTQ Community and traditional practises or simply want to chat with a local on topics of their interest. We encourage open minded and  pragmatic discussions and we do not take sides but will simply help you understand the environment through discussions and a dash of fun.

We at Zamorin of Bombay, encourage you to come out and chat, a luxury often felt in this bustling city where people are becoming lonely even if in a crowd. We assure you that all discussions remain at the table itself and total anonymity and personal safety will be maintained during our casual chats so that you are both comfortable and we can be friends during the conversation. 

We encourage you to chat with us whether you are curious or disturbed, fascinated with our culture or want to enhance your business approach as we believe that Your perception is your reality. 

This coffee date that does not include the coffee!, is best for those who want to know more but are confined to a time slot because of age, health, business commitments, weather, attiitude and more.

Please send us an enquiry with your preferred dates, Time slots and venue [City limits only - surburbs till Andheri, are subject to availability] We prefer to have this at a cafe, public setting or hotel restaurants and lobbies only. Please have the time slots given during reasonable daytime hours upto 8pm only for approvals. The chat could go longer.