Bombay as an island city has a recorded history this is relatively new compared to the gigantic mainland it flirts with along the western coast. During the 1500's when the Portuguese came sailing down the Western coast in quest of Goa also known as the Lisboa of the East, they stumbled upon seven islands with deep natural harbours. The then Portuguese Viceroy, Dom Francisco de Almeida aptly called them Bom Bahia meaning Good Bay. 

Today, the city has grown a lot from verdant seven islands to the bustling Global Melting pot it is viewed as today. But yet through all this hustle and bustle, many have managed to retain their cultural identity and ancesteral way of life, fending off the tides of change. Among these many enclaves scattered across the city, the fishing village at Worli stands out.

Originally the frontier village that announced the start of the Bombay City [separating it from the erstwhile Portuguese territory of Bandra], today this village has become a melange of the past, present and future. With many a modern generation being educated and taking up tertiary jobs, there has been a melange in the lifestyles of the people. From the gadgets and gizmos of today to the colonial style housing and european styled piazzas, this village can easily be classified as a country inside a city much like Mumbai's very own Vatican.

A walk through this village will give you a sense of the best of both worlds: the rustic village atmosphere with modern attitudes. We will be interacting with the locals and learn Hindi along the way as well as getting a chance to climb along the rooftops to see the towering skyscrapers that threaten to envelope it in the not so distant future.

We will also trek up an erstwhile British Era Watch Tower that signaled to their English Masters if ever enemy ships dared to venture too close.

The silence of the location, couples with breathtaking views of the cityscape and the sunset at dusk is the perfect getaway for all who are unaccustomed to the hustle of the city or simply want to detox! Life is still simple here!

2 Hours Coming Soon !

What is included in the tour

  • Bottle of Water
  • My Services
  • Cultural Souvenir

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Outsourced Car
  • Personal shopping
  • Personal donations
  • Meet at the entrance to the Coast Guard Office at Worli
  • Take a walk through the Village's multi coloured houses and European styled Piazzas
  • Meet and interact with the local people
  • Trek up a British Era Watch Tower
  • Get a vantage view of the city and the Arabian Sea
  • Walk down to the boats 
  • Get a chance to be Indiana Jones and Explore different avenues as you find your way back home.
  • End of tour at the outskirts of the Village - Koliwada Bus Depot / Coast Guard Office