Bandra, often nicknamed as the Queen of the Surburbs and now the Mecca for Arts and Music is located just off the city limits. Just a short train ride from Colonial Bombay, Bandra has a story of its own to preach.

Named Bandora by the Portuguese Viceroy and Explorer Francisco de Almeida in 1505 as a rough transliteration of the word Vandre which is native for monkey! And later Anglicised to Bandra, Bandra is rich in history, culture tradition, architecture and even watering holes!

On this Bandra Walking Tour we will aim to relive the advent and contributions of the Portuguese and their impacts on our today’s lives even after they left our shores roughly 300 years ago. For example the Marathi and Portuguese word for potato is “Batata” while Christians are still called Pav Wallas – “Pav” is Portuguese for Bread and “Walla” is Farsi meaning the guy who handles.

As we explore the East Indian villages of Ranwar, we will help you go back in time to understand the life, role of the Catholic Church and the Portuguese Government through the architecture, food, clothing and interestingly the cemeteries where we will get a chance to learn the Portuguese Language and the ticks to its proper Pronunciation!

We aim to give you a pragmatic understand through discussions on not just the Portuguese period but subsequent foreign influences that continue to have a grip over this land ranging from the German Jesuit priests who lived here till WWI, the arrival of the Spanish Jesuits who are still serving here and the advent of the British and the local Warlords, the Marathas, each claiming this land to be their own.

Through our tour, we aim to give you an understanding of a life, long thought to be forgotten and help connect the past, present and future through community spirit, love for art and even a touch of exploration such as the gifts given by General Francisco Franco of Spain! We also look into the future and help address the varied problems and potential solutions that would bring Bandra in the new millennium and who could forget having a tender coconut outside a prominent Bollywood star’s home.

3 Hours Available on request

What is included in the tour

  • Tender Coconut
  • Christian Bakery items
  • Bottle of Water
  • Cultural Souvenir
  • My services
  • Local transportation back to the station – at the end of the tour

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Private Shopping
  • Private Donations
  • Outsourced Car
  • Meet at Bandra Station
  • Visit the German St. Stanislaus School
  • Explore the Portuguese Heritage Village of Ranwar
  • Explore the colonial Portuguese and English styled houses
  • Visit the St. Andrew's Church
  • Visit the beach behind the church and if at low tide we might see pigs in the sea.
  • Visit Salman Khan's House - Bollywood Star
  • End the tour with Tender Coconut at Bandstand