If you've been to the city before or simply are the adventurous traveler and are bored of the regular tourist districts, or simply want to merge into the fabric of India but not travel too far from the city, we have the perfect plan for a cultural immersion for you. 

People landing in Bombay via the airport, are often bewildered by the enormity of the slums that greet them, Some are frearful while many are simply fascinated. But though most want to explore the meandering streets and meet the locals who make the very fabric that is the city, many lose the opportunity due to fears from pre-concieved notions and the lack of a knowledgeable local that can be the bridge between civilizations.

Thus we have come out with this unique tour that will not only help you explore but also experience this cluster of slums that could quite literally be seen as the Favellas of Bombay - minus the guns.

During this tour you will not only be able to maximise your people to people relationships with a knowledgeable guide but also get a chance to visit a local and small public laundry, appreciate unique and tasteful street art as you meander through the narrow alleyways and trek up a hillock through the homes and get an envious view of the Bombay Airport and wave at the many planes taxing the runway. This will give you both an emotive experience and a good healthy exercise!

This tour is suitable for all ages EXCEPT - those with heart conditions, physical disabilities, children who need to be carried in arms and those unable to climb high steps due to health or weight.

This tour is safe for single ladies, perfect for photo enthusiasts and is ideal for those who want to break away from the cliche!

You have the option of making this a full day tour with an additional visit to the nearby well carved Mahakali Caves for picturesque views of the city.


4 Hours 22 May, 23 May, 24 May, and more

What is included in the tour

  • Bottles of Water
  • Local refreshments
  • Cultural Souvenir
  • Local Transportation
  • Local Masala Chai
  • My Services

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Outsourced vehicle ADVISED FOR LARGE GROUPS above 4people if with children and 2 people if adults ONLY – To book as an add on package,  you can send an enquiry
  •  Personal Shopping
  • Personal Donations
  • Gratuities
  • Meet you at the Church Gate / Andheri Train Station
    [Meeting you at your hotel is also possible depending on your hotel location. It may lead to a full day charge due to distance of the hotel from the venue]
  • Get a chance to learn some Hindi and buy your train tickets in the language
  • Meander through the inner alleyways and meet with locals
  • Visit a local public Laundry
  • Check out the varied street art - tastefully done along the route
  • Trek up the hillock through the slums for a vantage view of the city and the airport
  • Get a chance to see planes taking off and landing at the airport
  • Head back to the hotel / start point.
  • End of Tour.