Bombay as a city has always prided itself as the land of Business opportunity. With the demand of over 22.8 million people that needs to be qunched, this business soon develped into an industry that both employed many an artisans and inspired future fashionistas but also reshaped the way we look at goods and services today. 

Among the varied trends we observe today, many have traced their humble origins to a simple dusty cublicle of a lowly slum under the caring touch of an experienced unknown tailor, but now flaunt and grace the walls of many a boutique.

On this Experience we will explore both sides of the coin and traverse through the Organized and Unorganized sectors dealing in textiles and garments.

From Silk to Chiffon, cotton to wool, if you like it we may just have it. BUT STRICTLY NO DEAD ANIMALS ARE PROMOTED BY US.

We aim to give you a taste of both the lives of the people as well as the varied industries that are tied to the term cloth!

4 Hours Available on request

What is included in the tour

  • Bottle of Water
  • Cultural Souvenir
  • Local Tea
  • Public Transport
  • My Services
  • Henna Services - if available

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Expenses of Personal Nature
  • Refreshment and meals not included in the tour
  • Personal donations
  • Outsourced Car
  • Meet at your City Hotel / Church Gate Station
  • Get a chance to practise your Hindi as you buy your train tickets in Hindi
  • Take a train ride to Dadar Station
  • Take a walk through the local, middle class and high end boutiques 
  • Walk through the garment district and check out not just the traditional designs and haute fashion but also the fusion that appeals to the youth of today.
  • Get a chance to witness and understand why all womens lingerie shops are manned by men only!
  • Get a chance to stud your hands with henna by local artists
  • Take a local train to Mahalaxmi to explore the world's largest outdoor public laundry
  • Get a private tour inside the laundry
  • If time permits, we could also explore the nearby Palladium Mall at High Street Phoenix for Western Brands - optional
  • Take the train back to Church Gate / your hotel 
  • End of Tour.