Mumbai is a destination that is both a Cultural Melting pot as well as a bustling business hum. This draws in throngs of people with varied nationalities, class and creed. With so much to see in this city and limited time factors, we have created this tour keeping in mind the spirit of the city and a chance to delve into areas beyond the usual cliche destinations.

The City boasts of the World's Largest outdoor Public Laundry that caters to most of the Mumbai populace both from the Customer and the Employer sides. Come and have a private tour inside one of the best examples of the unorganized sector and witness the lives, efficiency, networking skills and more that could be an inspiration for many Companies worldwide, today. 

Get a chance to participate in the work as well as climb onto the roof for a vantage view of the enterprise. 

Perfect for photo enthusiasts, families and businessmen looking for inspiration!

Post the laundry we take a short ride in a localized car pool taxi that gives the true Mumbai essence, with locals to pay respects to an Iranian Merchant cum Teacher named Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari who came to these lands in the 1400's and is currently buried, literally, in the middle of the sea!.

During this journey, we will not only visit the Holy Shrine but also understand the varied sects of Islam, why many non Muslims visit the shrine, India's Secular Fabric as well as get a chance to witness Vatican Banks in action! 

The tour ends with a return journey back to the Church Gate Railway Station.


PLEASE ENSURE: You wear respectable clothing [Cover your shoulders and knees]. Wear socks as you will need to remove your shoes at the shrine.

Note: ​All tours are personal in nature and can be reasonably customized to your liking at no additional cost

          ** Conditions apply

2 Hours 5 Minutes Available on request Burger King, next to Church Gate Station

What is included in the tour

  • My Services
  • Entrance Tickets into the Public Laundry
  • Offerings at the Mosque
  • Souvenir Photography at the Mosque
  • Bottle of Water
  • Local Transportation
  • Head Scarves for the men and women.


What is NOT included in the tour

  • Private Shopping
  • Donations
  • Pick up and Drop from hotels - at an additional charge
  • Meet at the Churchgate Station
  • Get a chance to buy your tickets in Hindi
  • Travel by local train [against traffic]
  • Take a private tour inside the laundry
  • Travel to the Haji Ali Mosque
  • Pay respects at the tomb of the teacher buried at Sea
  • Head back to the ChurchGate Railway Station via Local Train
  • End of Tour.
Pickup point
Burger King, Opposite Church Gate Station