Mumbai, a vibrant city located on the Western Part of the Indian sub-continent, has many a tale to tell. From its historical battles and religious influences to the lives of the common tradesmen and two freedom struggles, the city is blessed with an overlapping influence brought in by people from far and wide with an aim to make
the city truly global.
But among the varied Empires that fought for its inclusion, few have had as much an impact on the once island city as the British. Ever since the establishment of the base of the East India Company in the city till this day, Mumbai has seen an influx of people from far and wide making it a cultural melting pot that could rival many a World City.
On Zamorin's Classical Bombay Tours, the tourist will have a revivalist experience of the timelines of India's economic hub as he caresses the stone walls of many a Gothic and Indo-Sarascenic styled edifices and marvels the hidden statues nestled in a vibrant and yet elegant part of Southern Mumbai. This Tour aims at helping the tourist understand the lives and contributions of people living in the time period of India's Colonial Rule leaving them with a sense of pride and want for more.

Note: ​All tours are personal in nature and can be reasonably customized to your liking at no additional cost

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2 Hours 5 Minutes 22 May, 23 May, 24 May, and more

What is included in the tour

  • Harbour Ride Boat Tickets
  • Bollywood Style photography
  • My Services


What is NOT included in the tour

  • Private Shopping
  • Donations
  • Pick up and Drop from hotels - at an additional charge
  • Meet at the Security Entrance to the Gateway to India
  • Take a Bollywood style picture by the Gateway to India
  • Take a boat ride in the Bombay Harbour [1hour duration and is subject to weather conditions]
  • Take a Walk through the shopping District of Colaba Causeway
  • Admire the paintings that embrace the Holy Name Cathedral
  • Learn about the Regal Cinema, Police HQ and the Prince of Wales Museum
  • Find a family of Fruit Bats and the famous Leaning Tree of India
  • End the Tour by the Jehangir Art Gallery.