This is a customized Tour for April 1-3, 2019


April 1: Public Laundry and Mosque Tour - Half Day

Time 3pm


  • Meet at hotel
  • Travel by train to the public laundry
  • Take a private tour inside the laundry
  • Take a share-a-taxi to the mosque in the Sea
  • Visit the mosque inside the sea
  • Place an offering before the tomb of a 14th Century Iranian Saint.
  • Return to the hotel by taxi.

April 2: Monolithic Rock and Cave Experience - Half Day

Time : 8am


  • Pick you up from your hotel
  • Take a local train to the station closest to the Airport
  • Trek up a monolithic rock from the time of the dinosaurs and get a vantage view of the city and the sea.
  • Take a tuk tuk ride down to the caves
  • Trek under a slum to see a 2nd Century carved Buddhist and Hindu period caves.
  • Take a walk through the neighbourhood slums.
  • Head back to the hotel via local train [First Class].

April 3: Cycling at the National Park + Dadar Markets

Time: 7am


  • Pick you up from your hotel
  • Take a local train to the station closest to the National Park
  • Arrive at the park in a tuk tuk
  • Meet with the park expert and get onto your choice of bike.
  • Take a cycle ride through the national park and head past the morning walkers into the inner sanctuary
  • Get a chance to spot deer and monkeys and an occasional leopard [smiles]
  • cycle pass a tribal hutment. Stop for photographs.
  • Cycle to the 2nd Century Buddhist Caves at Kanheri. Get a chance to come up close to a dwarf version of the Bamiyan Buddhas.
  • If you are comfortable, we will do a short relaxed trek above the caves for a vantage view of the park and the city that literally encircles it.
  • We will then head for lunch - Vegetarian and clean.
  • We then head back by train and stop at the Dadar intricate and multi faceted markets
  • We will browse through the markets before entring the garment district to find a sari of choice.
  • If interested, we will even get your hands stained in Henna.
  • Return back to the hotel via local taxi.
  • End of Tour.
3 Days 22 Jan, 23 Jan, 24 Jan, and more

What is included in the tour

  • Bottle of Water
  • Boat Tickets
  • Bollywood style photography at the Gateway to India
  • My Services
  • Cultural Souvenir

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Outsourced Car
  • Local Lunch on both days
  • Personal Donations
  • Personal Shopping
  • Gratuities

28th December, 2018:

Half Day City Tour:

  • Meet at St. Regis Hotel at 3pm
  • Travel to Colaba 
  • Take a ferry boat ride into the Bombay Harbour
  • Visit the Hindu Temple Complex at Baanganga
  • Head back to the hotel

29th December, 2018

Full Day City Tour:

Itinerary will be kept open and catered to the interests of the clientele.